IAP SFX Creator for Infinity Games


Download Here (v1.1)



About IAP SFX Creator
IAP is a file format that was invented to share games files with other people. Many game files use the dialog.tlk file to store all their texts, so just sending a dialog file over wouldn't do the trick. Sharing entire dialog.tlk files neither, because that way it wouldn't be possible to have multiple mods installed.

IAP SFX Creator allows you to create such IAP files. What's even better, is that it can create self extracting files, so that someone who wants to try your mod doesn't even need a tool to import it!

This tool can be used with any Infinity game:


To install the tool, just follow the instructions given to you by the installer program.

Getting started

As soon as the tool is installed, it's ready to use. It doesn't need any game installed to work. In the tool there's the possibility to either add TBG files that contain files with texts, or other files that are part of your mod that don't have any texts inside.

When all your mod files have been added, you can either create a regular IAP file or a self extracting one. The advantage of a self extracting archive is that it doesn't need any tool to work.