Infinity Dialog Workshop for Infinity Games


Download Here (v1.1)



About Infinity Dialog Workshop
A tool that was created to easily create and edit dialogs, in a user friendly way. The user gets to see the dialog in a treeview like Explorer, and can easily add and edit this tree to add dialog options. All Infinity games are supported:


To install the tool, just follow the instructions given to you by the installer program.

Getting started

To use the tool, first create so called path settings the first time you start it. Since you might be modding more games at the same time, you can create entries here for all the games you want to mod. This way you can easily start working on Baldur's Gate 2, create a dialog, switch to Icewind Dale and continue working there, without having to search for your installation directories all the time.

After creating the path settings, you can working! You can either create new dialogs from scratch, open existing dialog files, or opening game dialog files that are still in a BIF. When using this tool, always make backups of the dialog.tlk files, as this tool will be making changes to it!