IE Tileset Map Editor for Infinity Games


Download Here (v2.2.2)



This is pretty much the biggest tool I ever made. And one I'm still rather proud of!
This tool was made in my TeamBG time, and allows the editing and creating of area's for games that are using the Infinity Engine:

The editor basically consists of two parts:

Tile-based graphical editor
This part of the tool was created to allow people who don't have access to a program like Photoshop to create the graphical base of their area's. The editor uses tilesets, which can easily be added and spread around. This way you can easily drag and drop the graphical part of of an area together.

Area editor This is where the real action happens! When switching to this part of the tool, everything inside the area can be added and edited. Thinks like creatures, ambient sounds, doors, map notes, everything the game supports when it comes to area's can be added and edited here.


To install the tool, just follow the instructions given to you by the installer program. When the installation is completed, start the tool and go to the preferences to set the correct path to your Infinity game. Many features in the tool need certain game files, so this is an important step. After this is done, you're good to go!


The tool comes with a walkthrough of the basic and more advanced things in this tool. Check your Start menu group when the installation is complete.