Mod Version Changer for NWN


Download Here (v1.0)



About Mod Version Changer
This is a commandline tool I created once on request, when some people had the problem that an NWN mod was created for another version of the game, and they couldn't open it. Of course, changing a mod version like this might very well break the mod, so use with care!


The zip has no installer, but only the program executable. Extract it anywhere you like.

Getting started

This is a commandline tool so it has no user interface. To use it, open a dos box and go to the directory where you extracted the executable. There run 'tis2bmp.exe' to see how it's used. The usage is as follows:
modversion.exe [path to mod] [new mod filename] [version]
The path to the mod you'd like to change is given first, then the a filename where the changed mod is saved, followed by the version you want to change to. The version always has to be 4 characters long.