TheDU translation tool for NWN v1.0


Download Here (v1.0)



About TheDU
TheDU is a translator tool for Neverwinter Nights mods. With this tool you can export texts from the mods to a textfile for easy translation, and import them back in when you're done.


To export follow the following steps:
-Choose a source MOD file. This is the MOD you're translating.
-Choose a text file to export the texts to.
-Optionally choose a different filter for your export, if you only want to export specific files instead of all files.
-Choose a language to translate from. This is the language that is already in the MOD file (often english ;))
-Choose the language(s) you want to translate to.
-Click the Export button and you're done.

After completing the translations, import the translations back into the MOD file, by following the following steps:
-Choose a source MOD file. This is the original MOD you're translating for.
-Choose the text file with your translations.
-Choose a destination MOD file. This will be the MOD file based on the original MOD with your translations. NOTE: Never use the same destination file as source file!
-Select the language(s) you want to import. If you want the translated MOD to always use your translations, only import that language. If, for example, you have translated an english MOD to spanish, selecting only the spanish checkbox will only import those texts back into the MOD, making it the only language. If you want to support multiple languages in one MOD file, select more checkboxes as appropriate.
-Click the Import button and you're done.

Special features ;)
Especially for languages with different possible texts for male and female which are often the same though, it's possible to leave lines open. If, for example, you're translating from english to spanish, leaving both the male and female lines open will make it use the english text for the spanish translations. Or if the female translation is the same as the male translation (which it often is), leaving the female line open will make it use the male translation.