VPK Builder for Vampire:Bloodlines


Download Here (v1.0)



About VPK Builder
I created this commandline tool, because there only seemed to be VPK extractors around, and no tool to create a VPK which was what I needed. VPK files are archive files used in Vampire:Bloodlines to store game data files.

With this tool you can create VPK files from scratch, which can then be used in Vampire.


The zip has no installer, but only the program executable. Extract it anywhere you like.

Getting started

This is a commandline tool so it has no user interface. To use it, open a dos box and go to the directory where you extracted the executable. There run 'vpkbuilder.exe' to see how it's used. The usage is as follows:
vpkbuilder.exe [vpk filename] [directory that contains all the files to add]
First you give the filename you want to use for the VPK file you're creating. After that you give the path to a directory that contains all the files that you want to put inside the archive.