WinBiff for Infinity Games


Download Here (v1.2.2)



About WinBiff
The first tool release I made for Infinity games. This tool is an editor for the BIF files that come with Infinity Engine games. BIF files are archive files and hold most of the game data files, like area's, items, spells, etc.

This tool supports all Infinity Engine games:

The tool allows pretty much everything that can be done with archive files:


To install the tool, just follow the instructions given to you by the installer program.

Getting started

To use the tool, start it and load a Chitin.key files, which is always located in the main directory of your game install. Note that you're not opening the BIF files directly! All the BIF resource information is stored in the key file. When a key file is successfully loaded, all features of this tool can be used.

When manipulating existing BIF files and the keyfile, always make backups!