Mos2Bmp for Infinity Games


Download Here (v1.0)



About Mos2Bmp
This is a commandline tool I created once while I was working on IETME, to test if the MOS files I was creating worked properly. I never put it online before, but it was still lying around and didn't need any work to put online, so that's why it's here now.


The zip has no installer, but only the program executable. Extract it anywhere you like.

Getting started

This is a commandline tool so it has no user interface. For those who don't want to use a dos box, you can also drag and drop a MOS file on the executable and it will convert it. After converting a file, you can find a BMP file with the same filename in the same directory.

For those who don't mind using a dos box, run the executable and it will tell you how it works. To convert a MOS file you would run it like: mos2bmp.exe [path to MOS file]